Art by Delphine Peller

Sold Works

Heavenly Spirit & Hues 3
Miros Lilies
Palette paint peel
Along the Summer Path
Serene & Comfort
Palette Paint Peel
Freedom 4
Freedom 3
Freedom 2
Freedom 1
NC Spring Road
City Hall Camellia
The Wedding Guest: Autumn
Holding on to Summer
Heavenly Spirit & Hues 5
Heavenly Spirit & Hues 2
Heavenly Spirit & Hues 1
Pine Cone Tandem
Heart in Bloom
Wings #2
Wings #4
Palette Paint Peel
Palette Paint Peel
Palette Paint Peel
Avocado; the Blue Perios
Seahorse Delight
Palette Paint Peel
Star of the Beach
Hope Still Flies
Meeting Place
Palette Paint Peel
palette paint peel
Palette Paint Peel
Palette Paint Peel
America The Beautiful: For Amber Waves of Grain
Vineyard View
America The Beautiful: From Sea to Shining Sea
Art to Wear Pendants
Art to Wear Pendant
Moonscape in Wet Paint
Foundations - Hearts
Stand by Me
Isaiah 55:13
Rooted Heart
Owl Abstract #3
Peace of My Heart
Eagle Harbor, MI
Art to Wear Pendants
Beyond the Garden
Tropical Centerpiece
Waiting on a Breeze
Strong of Heart
Shelter Bay
Solar Sunflower
Wings of Magic
Lone Pine
Pine Cones
Winter Honeysuckle
Dead Dog Saloon
Little Wing
Art to Wear Pendants
Tree of Fables
'Art to Wear' pendant
White Birches
BrookGreen Treasure 3
JC Gold Panel 1
JC Gold Panel 2
Koi Pond #1
Koi Pond 2
Summer Day Set Up
Seek Peace
Hope Over the Horizon
Catch the Wind
Garden in White 4
Trio in White
heart in faith
Joyous Light
It Is a Tree of Life
Creation Day Three
Marshview #1
Miros Edge Garden
One Red Leaf
Yay! Daddy Made Breakfast!
Mikveh - To Touch the Waters
Grass and Angels
Earth Mother
Day Two

Day Two

2007, Acrylics - Sold